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Wait to buy or buy to wait?


What's your thoughts on the above statement?

We do know, have met and hear from some of our consultation that due to the current #CoronaVirus #CoV #COVID19, they want to wait for prices to drop to come into the market.

Yes, we do agree with them that there is this potential. However, we shared our past experiences with them as well. A simple way, what if it doesn't drop?

If the prices does drop, which means the economic is affected, which also means that your job/business could also be affect, how many of you would at this moment says, 'Yes, it's a super good time for me to buy property now!'

We do hear of such statement, however, most of the times, it comes from the top bracket of the rich, with all due respect to all middle class and lower class, which we are part of you at this moment too.

What we have experienced and learnt so far is that, we can not time the market, however, #AFFORDABILITY is the #KEY!If we can afford to step into the #PropertyMarket, it is always a good time to put our money in as statistics have proved that #REALESTATE increases in value in the long run!

We are glad that after sharing with most of the customers that are waiting for the prices to drop, many have changed their mind and ready to kick start their #PropertyWealthPlanning journey!If you are concern or unsure what your options are, contact us for a complimentary consultation!

Your interest is our priority as we are #homeowners too!

William & Jynn


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