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Are Integrated Developments Your Best Bet?

“Integrated development is a no brainer.”

“This investment confirm can make money in future.”

I’m sure you’ve heard many agents saying these, especially in the recent months.

No doubt, the hype has been ongoing for integrated developments. And this truly is a different breed compared to the usual residential condos.

Before I go on, let’s pause here for a thinker. What is it that you really want?

A place for own stay, which you will look forward coming home to every evening?

Or a place with high human traffic and high rental yield?

I agree that integrated developments give us much more convenience and accessibility. Hence, comparatively, their prices are averagely 20% - 30% higher than neighboring condos.

But also due to these traits, integrated developments tend to attract more tenants.

When this happens, the percentage of tenanted units can be high.

So, is this still suitable for own stay?

What other things should you be looking out for?

Talk to us.


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