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Can You Sell 1 HDB And Buy 2 Condominiums?

Yes, just like the article, many potential buyers are seeking this approach either through themselves(#DIY), attending external courses(not by property agents), or engaging a professional property agents to do so.

The key question is, 'Is this for you?' 🧐

A simple sentence, 'Sell 1 HDB & Buy 2 Condominiums'. However, it is easier said than done. 😌

A lot of factors were taken into considerations. Detailed planning, financial calculations, timeline planning, accommodation planning are all essential factors, just to name a few. 😐

We have, strongly advised, quite a number of prospective clients, against doing so after our in-depth communication with them, understanding their plans, financial situation and commitments. 😬

We are property home owners, aspiring investors, just like you, and that is the reason why we care so much for every case that is entrusted to us. 🙂

We believe in proper planning, especially contingency plan planning(entry and exit plan).

We all want to grow, want to achieve financial freedom, BUT, we need to plan well.

Speak to a professional property advisor ☺


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