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Child's interest before self.

A few months back, I met this old couple in their 80s, who owned a 5-room HDB flat. Together staying in this flat, is their son in his 40s.

As you know, parents will always put kid’s interest before self. And the same goes for this old couple. Their plan is to change to a 3-room flat, near the MRT station, to make traveling to work more convenient for their son.

Everytime I see them, be it for viewing at their flat, or bringing them out to view flats, I feel a lot as they do remind me of my grandparents. 🥰

Fast forward to the takeover of the 3-room flat unit a few days ago. The process was smooth quick.

Before I left the flat, I passed them an angpow each, wishing them good health. And the smile I got back in return warms my heart. Didn’t manage to take photo with them because they are camera shy 🤣🤣🤣

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