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A Singapore Homeowner's Nightmare

For any DIY buyer who buys a resale HDB unit, they save on agent’s commission.

I have met many of them over these past few years.

When I asked them why don’t they engage an agent to assist and see through the whole process, they say it is not necessary as they think that it is easy to arrange viewing, negotiate price, etc.

But, is that the case???

I had a chat with a reader recently. She called me after seeing my post on “First time buyer buying resale HDB”.

She shared with me her unpleasant (to some extent – horrible) experience with her recent HDB purchase.

The sellers and themselves are both DIY seller and buyer respectively.

Within an hour of viewing, the seller accepted their offer and granted an OTP.

Three days later the seller called them and say there is another buyer who offered $3000 higher. And the seller even asked if they can match this price.

End up they match the $3000 because they are afraid that the seller will sell to another buyer.

I listened to her story up to here, I was dumbfounded.

I was so sorry for her that she has to go through this.

Now, my question to you guys out there, how would you have handled if you are in their shoes? Or do you know of anyone being caught in a similar situation? Talk to us.


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