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With The Rising Cost Of Living, Can You Save Enough To Retire At Age 65?

Propert Wealth Planning

Common Questions HDB Owners Have In Mind

Many HDB owners had the above concerns about the concept of upgrading.

However, through our detailed Financial Calculation & Step-By-Step Property Wealth Planning strategies, we have assisted many HDB owners to UPGRADE comfortably with a clearer investment mapped out for the next 5 to 10 years!

Can I Really Grow My Property Wealth?
Isn't My HDB Is An Asset?
I Should Keep Holding On To It!
Am I Eligible To Own More Than 1 Property?
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Common Questions
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Is Your HDB Really An Asset To Hold On To?

Like most Singaporean Homeowners, you are probably servicing your property loan using your CPF. Many owners do not realize this: Locking your CPF in your property has an adverse effect on your financial portfolio.

With most of your CPF trapped in the HDB flat, you are potentially at risk to:

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The 2.5% interest you could have earned from leaving it inside CPF.

The accrued interest of 2.5% that you have to pay back when you eventually sell.

That is 5% opportunity costs you are losing each and every year!

Sucess Story 1

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Desmond and Cassandra in their early 30s own a 3 room HDB flat in Yio Chu Kang. They wanted to buy a resale HDB in the central region, near the school they want to enroll their son in.

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Sucess Story 2

Case Study 2.jpg

Mr and Mrs Goh with a combined income of $15K was looking to move into a larger resale HDB for their growing family size.

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Sucess Stories


Your HDB will not be an asset to profit if you keep holding on to it. You need to properly leverage on your flat in its prime time, so as to strategically grow your asset wealth!

Be A Smart Homeowner And Savvy Investor Today!

Homeowner & Investor

Many People Say That They Will Invest In Real Estate When They Are Rich.

You do not need to have a million dollars lying in your bank to start investing in real estate! Many fail to realize their very own HDB flat is the best way to get them started!

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There are no gimmicks involved in growing your property wealth, by a tried and proven step-by-step method to get you on your track.

You can potentially:

1. Elevate your family to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

2. Generate PASSIVE INCOME with minimal to zero extra financial commitment.

3. Maintain a healthy level of CASH RESERVE FUND for emergencies.

4. RETIRE EARLIER with a secure safety net.

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What Type Of Properties Should You Be Looking At?

Depending on your risk adversity and personal preferences, we will draw out a customised Property Wealth Planning strategy for you.

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Why Buy New Launches?

  • Lowest entry price (developer's sale price)

  • First mover advantage

  • Low monthly instalment during construction phase

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How To Become A Savvy Investor?

Data and figures don’t lie, that’s why they are called the hard facts. With an in-depth study of past data, coupled with customised Property Wealth Planning strategies, these will assist you to make informed decisions.

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